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Do your legs wobble when you have to speak to a group? Are you terrified that you will be embarrassed? Do you wonder how to stay calm when speaking to a group of people?
You can overcome your fear of speaking in public and make it stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable. We at Adelaide Public Speaking can help you deal with your demons!

Welcome to APS

Hello, my name is Peter Martindale and I have been practising public speaking for most of my life.

Adelaide Public Speaking differs from other coaching groups in that everyone enjoys the experience – it is like being in an ‘encounter group’ – everyone stays positive. The sessions involve opportunities to speak followed by constructive feedback.

In my lifetime of study, I have been told that the best way of learning is by ‘having a go’ and then receiving feedback and advice to help next time. It’s learning by doing.

We have a lot of fun – there is nothing like listening to a speech and giving and receiving positive feedback. Then, I offer beneficial tips to help next time.

The sessions bring strength of purpose, self-confidence and leadership skills. Your adrenalin will help you to survive and thrive! The one-on-one meetings often involve other skills – sales and networking techniques, tools to interview and be interviewed and facilitating a meeting. We focus on what is most important.

To improve your personal skills and change your life, call 0418 820 702 fora chat, or email me through the form below

Peter Martindale


An experienced trainer and coach in communication skills and the development of self­confidence, Peter formed Adelaide Public Speaking because he identified a gap in one­on­one coaching of public speaking skills. He is also available to help groups (of perhaps four or ten)!

He learned his skills through public speaking in Rostrum and other clubs over 45 years and through self-education – he has been a speaker at international and national conventions.

Formerly the owner of a prominent Adelaide business, Peter started Adelaide Public Speaking, because his passion is in helping people become confident and persuasive speakers.

He is concerned that people often don’t get the opportunity to develop their speaking and personal skills. Employment training doesn’t usually offer it, and yet good communication is highly valued in the workplace and in the community.

You want your customers or audience to nod positively, using powerful communication skills to clinch that deal, and painting word pictures that will have them saying ‘wow’!

Peter is qualified

As a member of Rostrum (the public speaking organisation) since the 1970s, Peter has honed his skills, and now as an accredited Rostrum Coach, he provides feedback to speakers and to meeting facilitators.

He is a senior accredited training officer who applies an “Action Learning” approach of learning by doing, in preference to lecturing.

As a coach and supporter of secondary students, Peter spends time with budding young speakers as they prepare for the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition, and is an adjudicator at the Burnside Probus public speaking competitions for students.

Peter is known as a kind, approachable and humorous person, and everyone feels comfortable with his encouraging and helpful advice.


While training and coaching experience in communication is more important than qualifications when it comes to learning how to speak well, Peter has a wealth of knowledge about both the theory and practice of public speaking. You will find that he has exactly what you need to become a more confident and persuasive public speaker.

Become a great speaker

Become an effective communicator by developing persuasive skills that will enhance your career and make you more confident and convincing when speaking with bosses and colleagues.

You can have your opinions endorsed everywhere – delivering convincing arguments with eloquence and persuasion.

Gain poise, confidence and personal esteem; keep your brain active and ensure your thoughts are up­to­date. You will learn to mentally file in notes, be able to speak influentially at short notice, while enjoying the adrenalin rush that comes from thinking through and responding to a problem.

How do you feel when you are asked to speak at a function at short notice or present your ideas to senior managers? Perhaps you will need to say a few words at a farewell, to deliver a toast, present a eulogy or act as the MC? Adelaide Public Speaking will help you to inspire your audience.

The value of our sessions

Start your journey to become more eloquent, be inspired and be energised by the experience of performing.

Most people are terrified about making a speech, but if you are prepared to have a go, you are probably ahead of most others.

When you overcome your fears, you will become more confident, and remember, the audience wants you to perform well. While you may not be the greatest authority, you can overcome any deficiencies by speaking clearly, with confidence and power.

Think logically and practise – our interactive time will help with skills and techniques that will make you a better presenter and you will love the workshops!

Learn and become charismatic while climbing the corporate ladder.

The ‘Book of Lists’ says our greatest fear is speaking in public, and apparently, most would rather be dead than proposing the words to send the departed on their journey!

Public speaking courses are stressful, but you will love what we do and will be inspired by your improved efforts – and adrenalin – it is a stimulating experience. You will be in an “experiential learning” environment that provides the maximum opportunity to perform, and then receive empathetic feedback.

Our Workshops

In our sessions, we will cover some of these topics, depending on your needs and whatever is most important to you.

  • Personal coaching and mentoring
  • A working plan to become an effective speaker – learning how to research and prepare a blueprint for a speech
  • Development of the speech, with the most effective opening and conclusion to leave the listeners with excitement and a new sensation
  • Public speaking in an office, workshop or civic environment, including PowerPoint presentations
  • Successful winning of a job – interview techniques, the resume and body language
  • Strategies to use your voice effectively, gesture, elocution and other tools
  • Developing notes, using them correctly, and employing humour in a speech
  • Using the microphone, speaking at short notice and understanding debating techniques, if that is your need
  • Introducing and thanking a speaker, acceptance speeches, wedding speeches and eulogies
  • Developing self-confidence and leadership and management skills at work and in the community
  • Facilitating meetings, using appropriate meeting procedures
  • Strategic planning and life skills
  • The one-on-one meetings need to be fluid, since the direction we head will depend on your most important needs

You will always drive the classes and what areas are most important to you.

Let’s start with just the first session and after that one, you may decide to have another and then another.

Speaking Tips

The following are links to documents that cover various aspects of speaking
Please feel free to download them and we hope they are of some use to you.

Ideas to help you build your network Download here (243kb)

Voice production and articulation are both very important. Download here (492kb)

Developing the skill of speaking with little notice often helps win the argument and may assist career or Association opportunities. Download here (303kb)

In history, the persuasive, inspiring speakers have changed the World. Consider Lincoln and his 2 Minute ‘Gettysburg Address’… Download here (276kb)

Often it is easy to feel overwhelmed when preparing a speech, and it is easy to put it off. Below is a step by step process of what to do to plan, practice and deliver… Download here (225kb)

A common theme amongst our clients is a fear of speaking to strangers – click on the link for Peter’s tips on how to reduce nerves and prepare properly! Download here (483kb)

Humour is great in speeches, but make sure you use it appropriately! See below for our top tips on using humour in speeches. Download here (230kb)

Impromptu speeches happen all the time – e.g., birthdays, meetings – so make sure you’ve read our top tips on how to prepare yourself in a short amount of time. Download here (233kb)

Adelaide Public Speaking isn’t just about public speaking – job interviews, meetings and goal setting are all other important areas of our mentoring services. Click the link to a collection of Peter’s insights from experience as an employer. Download here (229)


Read what some have to say about us. We have worked with some great people so far.

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